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                   D G Bryan products from Unger™ has designed three Restroom Cleaning kit configurations to meet your everyday and project cleaning needs. The Unger Restroom Cleaning System features distinctive color-coded tools to simplify training and prevent confusion that can lead to cross contamination. Unger’s Ergonomic tools are designed for worker comfort and effectiveness to clean unusual surfaces that make restroom maintenance so challenging. Combined with the Unger Step by Step Cleaning Process, the result is cleaner restrooms.

Cleanning Kits
  • Kits and process are based on Sanitation, Productivity, and Ergonomics.
  • All tools mount on standard restroom cart.
    Tools are engineered to capture and reduce the redistribution of soil and harmful bacteria.
  • MicroFiber antibacterial technology traps dirt better and cleans with less chemicals.

Kit Quantities
Product Number Contents Master Daily Project
SOABG SprayerOnABelt with bottle 1 1  
BSOAB Belt for SprayerOnABelt 1 1  
MF40R SmartColor MicroWipe-R for toilets/urinals 10 10  
MF40Y SmartColor MicroWipe-Y for sinks/mirrors 10 10  
MM40R SmartColor MicroMop 15.0 3 3  
SM40R Restroom Mop Holder 1 1  
TORGR ToolOrganizer 1 1  
WH180 EazyAdapter Water Hose 1 1  
BUCKR Restroom Bucket 30L 1 1  
SPRER Restroom Bucket Press 1 1  
EP24R ErgoTelePole: 50-96" with cone 1 1  
EDPBR ErgoDustPan with Broom 1 1  
NN40R 18" NiftyNabber 1 1  
LWDUR ProDuster with 1 sleeve 1 1  
DS10Y ProDuster Replacement Sleeves/10 pack 10 10  
VRUEN Unger Restroom Cleaning System Action Video Kit 1 1  
SB20R SwivelBrush 1   1
CB20R SwivelCornerBrush 1   1
PB45R 18" SanitaryBrush 1   1
EW35R 14" ErgoWallSqueegee with Acme grip 1   1
ES35R 14" ErgoTec Squeegee 1   1
EC45R 18" ErgoWasher 1   1
HH13R 50" ErgoPole 1   1

Product # Product Description
MKITR Master Restroom Cleaning Kit
DKITR Daily Restroom Cleaning Kit
PKITR Project Restroom Cleaning Kit
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